Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Save Yor Wine From The Sun!

Sunlight can kill a bottle of wine both by heat and by UV rays that break down the wine's structure.

While dark-colored green or brown bottles do provide some protection, clearer bottles used for many white wines are at high risk for UV damage.

However, the darker bottles intensify heat absorbed from direct sunlight, and constant daily fluctuations of even a few degrees can be damaging

So do us all a favour, use a temperature controlled wine fridge and...Save your wine!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

John John

Enjoying my favorite new beer!
By Rogue Brewery: John John Hazelnut.

They actually age the fresh brewed beer in the same barrels they used to age their new whiskey!  I love it

I need moar!!!

Anyone else tried this yet?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Spring Is In The Air

I can't wait for Spring!

2 days in a row with temperatures int he 40's has been great - just wait till we get back to the 80s!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stay Warm with Foam Roof Insulation

Winter seems to get chillier and chillier each year, stay warm and cozy with foam roof insulation! Foam roof insulation is a popular choice, as it insulates your roof and protects your home from the elements and moisture. It’s the easy choice, as foam roof insulation is added quickly, often after a single visit to your home.

To keep your family cozy, you want to have foam roof insulation not only as a layer between you and the roof but also along the edges where heat can leak out. Have your contractor or roof expert look for places where heat or cool air could leak out and add insulation there. Places like along where the chimney meets the roof or where windows are near the roof.

Homeowners are always looking for great solutions to improve the place they live in. Foam roof insulation is an excellent one – even if people don’t see it, it can increase the value of your home. You are taking care of your home and keeping heat or cool air from leaking out of it. For many potential homebuyers, this is considered very important. A potential homebuyer would look at a home that leaks hot or cool air with a very critical eye, so adding foam roof insulation is a way to increase your curb appeal even though you may never get a compliment on how great it looks.

Another important factor to consider is making sure you get any holes in your roof fixed before you get foam roof insulation. The foam roof insulation can do its job well but a hole in your roof is going to be a different problem that still causes you to be chilly or get hot. Getting this hole fixed will help your foam roof insulation perform much better and you’ll be pleased to see your heat and air conditioning bills much lower than over the previous years.