Thursday, March 8, 2012


Most people love to eat. Some even spend longer time in the table savoring the taste of their meal. The way we eat varies from person to person. Others prefer to cook it their selves to assure the safety of the food and the taste as well. However some people have developed the feeling of excitement every time they go out and eat on restaurants. 

I am one of the people who love to visit different restaurants - especially those that are most talked about. Tasting different specialties from different restos thrill me. Though this kind of habit is undeniably expensive, I can't help myself but to save and look forward into feeling of fulfillment of being able to taste another recipe. What I always look for in every restaurant I visit is the "star" of their menu. I always get curios on why such menu is loved by their regular cusotmers that is why I want it to try for myself.

This habit is for sure something that is not too healthy - on my body and on my pocket. Sometimes I end up being out of budget but at least I am happy for I was able to treat myself after a tiring work. Each one of us has something that we wanna do regularly, something that we consider a good relief to any stress or problem we have, whatever this "habit" is, so long as it is not that risky, GO FOR IT. Chase your happiness. :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Keep Your Summer COOL

Summer's fast approaching. Everyone's busy planning for their vacation - be it out of town or just within the city. While most of the people are looking forward for another unforgettable summer experience, I thought of posting that is very timely. This is not all about summer vacation packages or a list of places that should be visited, this one's about a delicious way of making your summer "cool" and fun.

Surely, summer days are the hottest time of the year. That is why many pools and beaches this time are the most in demand. Some people regard summer as the best time to eat one of their favorite desserts – ice cream!

Do you know that ice creams are of different kinds? Let me take you the world of cool and frozen, delicious dessert.

Sorbet -  a frozen ice cream made from fruit juice.

Soft serve – one that is served by a machine rather than a human; termed as “soft” because its air content is doubled than normal.

Regular Ice Cream – frozen desserts made from dairy products.

Freeze Dried – an ice cream that can be served without the need to freeze it; usually labeled as dehydrated brick of ice cream.

Those were just few of the many kinds of ice cream. I suggest you better try them this summer to ease the hotness that you feel and to keep you feel “cool”. J

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Need To Be Alone

I spent the whole afternoon outside my house savoring the beauty of the outside world. While I was enjoying this rare time to be alone, I read a magazine. The topic that caught my attention was the one that talked about the benefits one can get when she spends time alone, time to be with herself and think things over. Although I am really one of the many people in the world who are afraid of roaming around the city alone and is in great contradiction to the idea of that column, I continue reading.

The writer together with her convincing writing skills was able to make me realize that a time to be alone is one of the best gifts that we can give to our self. For in being alone, we get the chance to asses the things that we did, plan for the future and think of how are we going to enjoy  what is with us 'today'. It is also during this time that we get to enjoy what we want to do - order the foods that we want, buy the things that we dreamed to have and spend as much time as possible inside the mall.

You too should never keep yourself from enjoying this kind of bonding with 'yourself'. :)