Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Need To Be Alone

I spent the whole afternoon outside my house savoring the beauty of the outside world. While I was enjoying this rare time to be alone, I read a magazine. The topic that caught my attention was the one that talked about the benefits one can get when she spends time alone, time to be with herself and think things over. Although I am really one of the many people in the world who are afraid of roaming around the city alone and is in great contradiction to the idea of that column, I continue reading.

The writer together with her convincing writing skills was able to make me realize that a time to be alone is one of the best gifts that we can give to our self. For in being alone, we get the chance to asses the things that we did, plan for the future and think of how are we going to enjoy  what is with us 'today'. It is also during this time that we get to enjoy what we want to do - order the foods that we want, buy the things that we dreamed to have and spend as much time as possible inside the mall.

You too should never keep yourself from enjoying this kind of bonding with 'yourself'. :)

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