Monday, March 5, 2012

Keep Your Summer COOL

Summer's fast approaching. Everyone's busy planning for their vacation - be it out of town or just within the city. While most of the people are looking forward for another unforgettable summer experience, I thought of posting that is very timely. This is not all about summer vacation packages or a list of places that should be visited, this one's about a delicious way of making your summer "cool" and fun.

Surely, summer days are the hottest time of the year. That is why many pools and beaches this time are the most in demand. Some people regard summer as the best time to eat one of their favorite desserts – ice cream!

Do you know that ice creams are of different kinds? Let me take you the world of cool and frozen, delicious dessert.

Sorbet -  a frozen ice cream made from fruit juice.

Soft serve – one that is served by a machine rather than a human; termed as “soft” because its air content is doubled than normal.

Regular Ice Cream – frozen desserts made from dairy products.

Freeze Dried – an ice cream that can be served without the need to freeze it; usually labeled as dehydrated brick of ice cream.

Those were just few of the many kinds of ice cream. I suggest you better try them this summer to ease the hotness that you feel and to keep you feel “cool”. J

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