Thursday, March 8, 2012


Most people love to eat. Some even spend longer time in the table savoring the taste of their meal. The way we eat varies from person to person. Others prefer to cook it their selves to assure the safety of the food and the taste as well. However some people have developed the feeling of excitement every time they go out and eat on restaurants. 

I am one of the people who love to visit different restaurants - especially those that are most talked about. Tasting different specialties from different restos thrill me. Though this kind of habit is undeniably expensive, I can't help myself but to save and look forward into feeling of fulfillment of being able to taste another recipe. What I always look for in every restaurant I visit is the "star" of their menu. I always get curios on why such menu is loved by their regular cusotmers that is why I want it to try for myself.

This habit is for sure something that is not too healthy - on my body and on my pocket. Sometimes I end up being out of budget but at least I am happy for I was able to treat myself after a tiring work. Each one of us has something that we wanna do regularly, something that we consider a good relief to any stress or problem we have, whatever this "habit" is, so long as it is not that risky, GO FOR IT. Chase your happiness. :)

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