Friday, January 21, 2011

Who Searched For Me?

The Significance of knowing who is searching for you online

I am fairly a new comer to the Internet. I just begun searching on the Internet during the previous yr after getting a series of strange telephone calls coming from a random mobile phone number. When I became aware that my mobile phone number was revealed over the Internet I started becoming stressed and of course became interested to who is searching for me on the net. I did plenty of searching to discover who searched for me and hit lots of brick walls in the act. I stumbled upon some possible people who searched me which I knew back in High School.

I found out that one of these was a past associate of mine who googled me after which who searched for me on facebook. I messaged her inquiring if she was the one phoning me from the strange telephone number and then who searched for me on google. She answered that it wasn’t her. I had been just a little upset due to the fact she appeared to be an oldtime buddy nevertheless I continued to research who's searching for me on the particular Internet. I messaged some other folks that I suspected were searching for me and to no avail discovered anyone that I assumed it might be. I attempted searching for the phone number by reverse phone look up to determine if it would give a name or company whos searching for me and discovered a business address with no name.

A light bulb lit up in my head after which I thought this might be very well be the people searching for me. I got up early the following day and then went right down to the place of the address to learn who's been searching for me. I rang the bell along with continued to wait outside patiently. A male opened the doorway and to my amazement appeared to be my old boss from my last job. They had relocated the office and said they were in frantic demand of people to aid with the fresh load of work that had come in and wanted to know if I wanted work. I began giggling and inquired "it's you who's searching for me on google? ” He said he had lost my phone number and then did not understand how to reach me so he googled my name after which had been wanting to track me down. "Yeah it is me who is searching for you".
I chose to take on the position along with help him out. After this encounter I learned that the Internet can be a strange place. Should anyone ever have a related situation and question who's searching for you as well you may want to research some of the online resources like phone number directories and see who is searching for you. In order to see who's searching for you, you will have to put in some effort along with play detective a little bit like I did. You need to see who's searching for you in case you have a situation with a person who is looking to get your private information, spy on you or follow you around.

If it's a situation that seems unsafe and you are worried about someone learning your own info and then where you reside you can always ask the local law enforcement agency if they will assist you see who's searching for you. In the end the Internet may be a terrifying place! Click here Now!

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