Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Burning Passion In Writing

Hello everyone! I am Erza Smith, a 21 year-old lass from the City that never sleeps, New York! I've been dreaming of becoming a writer someday since I was a kid. The admiration I feel about fairy tales, magic, prince charmings and the likes lead me into discovering my hidden talent in writing. I label it as talent simply because not all people has the patience to write, regardless of the fact that others don't even read it. Some people just find writing as the best outlet for their souls. For us, it is the best way to express our thoughts and who we really are.

Truly, having the chance to post on blog sites like this one is a privilege for an aspiring writer . It is a good start to write and because for sure, from this huge world someone will spend time reading what I want to share.

It's not only the thought of writing that excites me actually, it is also the fact that thru this, I am able to know other's experience as well. I can listen to what they want to share. I can even interact with them by leaving comments.

This may sound simple to everyone, but for me, for us, writing is life.

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